Coco Peat


Cocopeat is a co-product of coconut fiber extraction process. It is a non-fibrous, spongy, lightweight and corky material that holds together the coir fiber in coconut husk. Depending on the electrical conductivity, our cocopeat is available in High EC and Low EC.

High EC Cocopeat (unwashed) is commonly used in animal bedding farms due to its superior ability to absorb moisture and soft-bed cushioning properties. Our high EC cocopeat is free from fine dust particles and easy to lay and remove. It is also sterilized to prevent molds, pathogens and bad odor due to long term use. High EC Cocopeat has a relatively high salt content and hence it is not suitable to be used as growing mediums.

Low EC Cocopeat (washed) is highly considered an ideal, multi-purpose growing medium in floriculture, horticulture and seedling due to its natural rooting hormones, antifungal properties and low salt content. It is an excellent alternative to traditional peat moss and rock wool because not only it is very easy to use and can be used for a wide range of plants, but also 100% organic, renewable and biodegradable. Our Low EC Cocopeat has low conductivity below 0.5mS/cm, excellent air porosity and increased water retention resulting in healthier, stronger plants that are resistant to disease.

We pack our cocopeat in polybags and blocks. Once expanded, one kilogram of compressed cocopeat block is equivalent to 15 liters of moist cocopeat and can last up to 5 years of use.

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