Organic Perlite for Indoor/Outdoor Plants – Horticultural Soil Amendment Additive Conditioner – Grow Media for Succulents • Orchids • Hydroponics 100% All-Natural Horticultural Perlite. Inert, pH-neutral, Sterile, Non-Toxic, clean and decorative. Beware of lower quality perlite with wild ph swings! Cz Garden Horticultural Perlite is guaranteed ph-neutral, stable, and safe to use in your Organic Garden. NO phosphates, NO Urea, NO Asbestos!
For Organic Growing – #1 Soil Amendment. Perlite can be found in 99% Potting Soil Mixes of commercial and home gardens. Prevents soil compaction, provides excellent aeration, drainage, and stability for plant roots. Create the perfect environment for your plants to thrive!
For Orchids – Perlite (Sponge Rock) has a porous structure that provides excellent drainage and aeration, which promotes root growth.

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